Shop through all your favorite blogs & social apps in one place

We take our shopping inspirations & recommendations from Blogs, Instagram posts, Youtube videos…etc. They recommend & inspire us to join this fitness class, check those new pair of shoes, travel to that destination.

Yet… things get tricky when you try shopping the recommended product; since there are various social apps to follow, endless number of blogs to check, where each have a different user experience & most of them don’t provide a standard shopping experience.

Introducing …

A standard & unified “social shopping experience” across all platforms

HeyShare provides an amazing “One User Experience Fits All”, which lets you Browse & Shop through a video from youtube, a picture from Instagram or a post from a blog, through one unified interface. You do not have to go through each app individually anymore or go through different user experiences/interfaces at various blogs.

Advanced Search & Filtering

At HeyShare, Search content & product tags from your favorite blogs/social apps like never before. Filter the search results by; category, sub category, social platform , seller, brand. and enjoy more control over what you see on your feed, with “multiple category selection” feature.

Shopping Mode

Enjoy an unprecedented Ecommerce shopping experience based on content from your favorite blogs & social apps!! The “Shopping Mode” strips all posts from text, pics & videos , displaying only the product tags. Providing you with a deeper shopping experience from the same posts you were browsing.

The Content you love & The Products that matches it

Wether you are into Music, Gaming, Fashion, Cooking, Travel, Tech, Fitness…etc. At HeyShare, You’ll find the content you love from all your favorite creators, tagged with the relevant product tags that matches it.

Lists & Packages

Posts on travel guides, cooking recipes, music playlists..etc will become easily shoppable with the “Lists & Packages” feature. Browse, compare & shop ; full travel packages , ingredients for cooking recipes, TV/movies/music playlists & much more.

“Creators’ profiles” are “Creators’ shops”

Interact with & shop through your favorite creators’ posts at their HeyShare “creator’s profile”. A profile for each of your favorite creators that features their content gathered from their blogs & social channels in one profile. Search & Shop through their posts, filter them by category or turn the “creator profile” into the “creator’s shop” using shopping mode, and enjoy a deeper shopping experience.