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For shopping through posts at blogs or social platforms
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A standard & unified
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Whether you are shopping through a video from youtube,
a post on instagram or a blog, HeySHARE provides one user interface/experience that fits all.

The Content you love & The Suppliers you trust

Wether you are into Music, Movies, Books, Fashion, Cooking, Travel, Tech, Gaming, Lifestyle, Events…etc. You will find the best content on the topics you love, tagged with matching products & services from trusted suppliers.

Shopping Mode

An UNPRECEDENTED EXPERIENCE EXCLUSIVE AT HEYSHARE With just 1 click, turn your wall into a full functioning ecommerce site. The shopping mode strips all posts from text, pics & videos , showing only the product tags, providing a deeper shopping experience of the same posts you’re browsing.

Advanced Search & Filtering

Deeply search topics & products, and use the multi purpose left bar to filer results by category, sub category, supplier name, social platform…etc. you can even select multiple categories at once.

Lists & Packages

Shop or Share through the unprecedented “Lists & Packages” feature at HeyShare. Easily browse posts & shop through them ; travel packages, cooking recipes, music playlists & much more.

Creators’ profiles are Creators’ shops

One place to interact & shop your favorite creators’ content, at HeyShare “creator’s profile”.  features all posts of each of your favorite creators from all their social apps & blogs, in one profile , all posts are easily filtered, shoppable & searchable.



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Your Central Station For Social Shopping

Amazing content inspires us to shop, but with each platform having different user experience or limitations, the need rises for that one place which can make shopping through the various social platforms & different suppliers, a simple unified experience.

all your favorite influencers’ blogs & social profiles in one easily shoppable place

Your social Shopping central station